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Highlights of Officekit HR
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Hiring Process Is No More A Long Step Process

The recruitment process is a many step process that consumes more time. Instead of start driving on the right path, more reacting is the hurdled process. As the number of applicant requests increases, recruitment becomes a very complex process. Officekithr enables you to send the requisitions as per the needs. Resumes can be collected and from that, you can create talent pools that you can tap into. Using Officekithr the innovative recruitment management system software, you can look at the talents that you need on the available vacancy. With the automation tool for recruitment, you will surely enjoy the pleasant management system.

Directly obtain the right applicant using the right software

Thousands of recruiters have one thing in common; they don’t have enough hours in a day. They manage most of their time in acquiring resumes socially and managing each step manually. Creating reports is another time taking process, we provide a rating option for the interviewers, with which they can rate every applicant. Based on the ratings obtained applicants are put on holding list as well as an offered list. Recruitment is a small process that can be completed with a very short amount of time using recruitment management process. No need to spend time on posting jobs, adding the selected employee to the selected list, posting vacancies or other activities. Instead, they can complete the entire recruitment task easily.

Never lose the applicant with all talents you opt for

You may be looking for a highly talented one to be a part of your organization, regardless candidate experience matters. You can consider the main concepts that you are looking for without any failure, from the pool of resumes. Interviewers can instantly rate the applicant at the time of interview. The average rating of all the interviewers is taken and limited to form the offer list. You will never lose candidates who have collectively obtained all the requirements needed for the specified post.

How Recruitment management system software makes changes in your normal recruitment process

  • The recruitment process is done with much ease using a user-friendly administrative interface.
  • Job vacancy listings can be automatically posted online to the corporate site.
  • Recruitment software helps in the retrieval of relevant data.
  • Rating each candidate by the interviewer to access their capability to enter into the offered list.
  • No time wasting for tracking applicant and job.
  • Scheduling all the process as per the steps to be followed.

E-recruitments integrated with other HR tasks

Employee turnover is a continuous hurdle in HR tasks. HR department is always well equipped with data containing the current level of employees, their profile and other sensitive data that need to be placed secured. Selecting the new employee through the electronic process is another that can be maintained accurately without more complexities. That makes the major difference from the normal process of recruitment. Cloud-based software ensures you to engage with all the candidates more precisely.

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Highlights of Officekit HR Recruitment Management Software

Officekithr is one of the most used recruitment mangement software for recruitment globally. As per the needs of the company, there can be various changes applied to the software, so as to make the exact recruitment management software as the client thinks. There are more modules in this single software that make the major difference within an organization. Officekithr enables the hr to handle the recruitment process within the blink of an eye. Processes are posting the requisition of the job on the website, importing and parsing resumes, rating the applicant as per their performance, and adding them to the offered list.

Select the best candidate using Officekit HR

Recruiting, hiring and applicant tracking system is now transitioning to an easy task using officekithr- recruitment management software. Depending on another recruiting agency is not a proper process in our point of view. We need to get confined to all the processes that are essential to recruiting an employee in our organization. We have to directly access and obtain all the credible one’s resumes and directly check it for not losing the main ones. Without encountering the complex recruitment process, you can easily select the best one with the required qualities.

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