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Advantages Of Officekit HR
Employee Self Sevice Software

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Create The Redefined Experience For Your Employees

Officekithr is one of the most comprehensive and customizable employee self-service software. Never ever an employee has grievance when they are depending on ESS software rather than just depending on the manual purpose of HR. Company policies are easily accessed by the employees since all the policies are set primarily. This will reduce transactional overheads that HR has to deal with in everyday activities. Employees can submit requests on the go without any delay. Cloud-based access enables employees to submit their requests from anywhere at any time. No task is going to be pending anymore either in your daily activity or your daily activities since officekithr provide you with a dedicated dock. HR and employees will have dedicated access to the pending requests as well as tasks.

How Employee Self-service Software Enhance Your Work Force

Employee self-service software module is one of the new and popular sections in Human Resource Management software. This module enables every employee to understand the policies and information of company as well. Moreover, employees get a greater advantage of controlling their own tasks and profile.

Employees can send grievance reporting and all other requests instantly. This feature enables HR to monitor every aspect of employees without much effort since employees can directly involve in their activities. Amount of work that HR has to do in administration activities has changed to a great extend. Ensure an easy going administration in the organization without much effort or delay.

Advantages of Officekit HR Employee Self Service Software

  • Data of employees are up-to-date since their data are always available round the clock.
  • You can ensure the accuracy of data since the software has various options to assess and calculate errors.
  • Every employee has separate login id and password, So that they can ensure their secure usage of their profile.
  • There is no more delay in getting the pay slip, since they can view their monthly pay slip without waiting for long and getting it all done with an additional print option.
  • Employees can make changes in their sensitive data in their own profile, in case of any change in their bank details. Employees can update their bank records and their monetary benefits are not affected.
  • Boosts the morale of employee, they are getting the correct support at the right time.
  • All the requests can be sent and obtain the approval at the right time.

Save Your Personal And Professional Data

Each employee and HR can assess their account with a unique user id and password. All their data can be kept secured without being publically available. The employee self-service software is normally available on all the PCs of office so that every employee can access it. Within their personal account, they can access the wide schedules inside the organization, their attendance, request, pay slips, and any other requests if needed. Employee self-service makes the many of the tasks that HR handles more complexly into a very short task. Involving employee in their own management is a favorable technique that we are opting in the present time. You can obtain seamless interconnectivity with various other HR departments without any failure.

Employee Self Service software

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